Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to configure Wifi router with Globe WiMax

Two weeks ago, I applied for a Globe Wimax broadband connection just to keep me busy working on blogs whenever I am at home. Since I have a laptop with me, I thought of buying a wireless router so that I can still have internet access anywhere inside the house.

I went to CD-R King and bought a LP-8186 wireless router worth Php 1,280.00 and tried to set it up with my Globe BM622 WiMAX CPE Modem.

Here is a simple tutorial that will demonstrate how to configure the CD-R King router lp-8186 to work with Globe WiMax.

Step 1: Open your browser and type in in the address bar and press ENTER key to display the router's Access Point Status Page.

Step 2: Click Operation Mode link from the treeview in the left panel, select Bridge option then click Apply Change button.

Step 3: From the treeview in the left panel click Wireless folder then click Access Control. Select Allow Listed from the Wireless Access Control Mode dropdown box then add the MAC address of the computer you desire.

* To know your computer's MAC address, goto command prompt and type in ipconfig /all and press ENTER Key. The MAC address of the machine is the Physical Address. Go back to Step 3 and type in the MAC Address without the dash (-) symbol.

Step 4: From the treeview in the left panel click TCP/IP Settings folder then click LAN Interface to display LAN Interface page. You can change the value of the IP Address or keep the default value ( Select Disabled from the DHCP dropdown box and paste the computer's MAC Address (without colon) in the Clone Mac Address text box and click Apply Changes button to take effect.


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